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8057art is a kind of cosmic gateway to experiment with abstract, where everything is a concept of nothing…where it is possible to question and challenge what is for most of the common minds acceptable as a standard of beauty or high quality Artwork.
It began to come together when Daniel (an artist from São Paulo/BR, masquerading as design engineer), happen to meet Friedrich (an artist from Cologne/GE undercover as constructor)…In time their joy for creating music, photos, movies and paintings, all began to fall onto a new, common platform of expression which today they call 8057art…

Usually starting with a few beers from the kiosk, they ascend those four flights of stairs to Daniel’s Atelier/Music Studio/Apartment (and sometimes Restaurant) and lay a canvas gently on the floor. Slowly the gateway leading to a new dimension of colours, shapes, gestures, forms and feeling is opened up to them allowing through a peaceful rhythm which calms their hearts and frees their souls. There is only one rule to be accepted here: Follow your own mind!!!

“…it’s as though we each have a movie running in our minds, with same soundtrack in the background, (usually Miles Davis – Bitches Brew)… A good single malt helps propel this experimental environment as we continue expanding our minds, showing each other how our movies are going on inside us.”


For the next couple of hours they are 8057art.





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