Month: November 2012

#TausendBar makingOff

Colors, lines, shapes, forms, expressions of things we have in our minds…for some, art has to be meaningful, has to be clear and profitable obviously…some others pretend to be more cool or open minded believing that art can be anything, until its price tag, than what is art starts to

Thank you!!!

We would like to thank every one of you who joined us at our Opening Night…that was huge! really thank you!!! Unfortunately, due to the amount of people turning out, some left without seeing everything, therefore I’d like to remember that our pictures will be exposed for more 8 weeks and at

Opening Night

we are happy to share with you our  Opening Night taking place at #Tausend Bar in Cologne, Germany… Our ArtWork will be displayed within the following 8 weeks starting from 22nd of November when we will receive our friends with a nice party, drinks, Video Instalation and Improvising LIVE music… stay tuned

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