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This is it!

This is it!

Markers on Carton - 12x70 cm

Markers on Carton – 12×70 cm

This is it! After 8 weeks of joy and fun, we achieved what we were looking for…we managed to bring together people with different opinions, taste, style, aim in life, under the same roof to talk about what is our understanding of art.

To learn the Understanding of Art from each different person, taking in consideration these differences, their culture, who intimately they are, was such a valuable constructive feeling after all, that surely will sum up more knowledge propelling us beyond our current mental boundaries.

…wir sind Spinner! Was our first step of others to come, and we Thank You for being part of this, helping us creating such friendly vibe between all who have participated and joined #TausendBar within this past 8 weeks.

Really Thank You for your support allowing us to make what we believe become true…this will trigger more new unexplored ways which we are looking forward to experiment.

SONOPTIX and 8057art side by side bringing you our Next Event that is already being shaped and soon we will share with you…therefore, stay tuned for further info!



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