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8057art is a gateway to experiment with abstract where everything is a concept of nothing…where it is possible for two fusing minds to be free enough to question and challenge what is for most of common minds considered unacceptable or a mistake….But what is a mistake? Who can ever judge a mistake? It began to come together when Daniel (an artist from São Paulo/BR, masquerading as engineer), happen to meet Friedrich (an artist from Cologne undercover as constructor)…In time their joy for creating music, drawings, photos, movies all began to fall onto a new, common platform of expression which they call 8057art… Usually starting with a few beers from the kiosk, they ascend those four flights of stairs to Daniel's Atelier/Music Studio/Apartment (sometimes Restaurant) and lay a canvas gently on the floor. Slowly the gateway, leading to a new dimension of colours, shapes, gestures, forms and feelings, is opened up allowing them to push through a peaceful rhythm which calms their hearts and frees their souls. There is only one rule to be accepted here: Follow your own mind!!! “’s as though we each have a movie running in our minds, with the same soundtrack, Miles Davis – Bitches Brew… A good single malt helps embody this experimental environment as we continue back and forth to show each other how our mental movies are going on, using everything around within grabbing distance - acrylic paints, markers, sprays, charcoal, pen and literally anything else.” For the next hours they are 8057ar

when 8057art meets sound

finishing last details of our next Event, working a lot on this, but never dropping the joy of express what we feel and how we want to put our emotions out … bellow you find a brief introduction of our upcoming event; text_for_ZooBar_because brain has no eys getting in contact with all

Next Event – “…because brain has no eys!”

“…because brain has no eys!” 8057art is happy to introduce our next Event at Zoo Bar in Köln, Ehrenfeld. Opening night party on 29th of October – 19:00 😉 There you will be confronted with the way we feel colors, leaving free space to, each singular interpretation, find shapes and

Step by Step – next event Live at Kommando Luftikus

Step by Step From one of those common bar chatting with friends, I heard something interesting; A friend told me, „ I’m bored nowadays, because anything new is happening. Nothing really surprises me!” In a way, I see it with a sad touch because I believe that no one in

frei|Raum at FrühStyle festival in Köln

…and like this we carry on, without thinking to much, we mix frequencies in such way sometimes so unusual that gets complicated to understand when “music” become true… but Truth depend on each one of us…therefore that’s our truth to you… here you have a quick video from our rehearsal

8057art – presents 22 pictures

We very happy to announce that on 17th of May, our friends at #Tausendbar, Köln, are opening their doors one more time to host another Event presented by our creative hub, frei|raum. This Event is a celebration of SONOPTIX’s Perpetuum EP Release, produced by L_cio, with remixes by Clemens Ruh,

6:50 am

6:50 am, the alarm clock rings again…after the usual forth snooze, it’s time to get up…but till when? Till when are we going to follow this routine that life demands to all of us…A routine which is there, not naturally born, but there to make you fit to all parameters

when the spring sprouts

the importance of a quick break, sometimes defines next steps on our creative development path, pushing our limits even beyond where they use to be…looking back at our past expressions, one can get a clear view of how we deconstruct shapes and forms, breaking it down to a fun game

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