Thank you!!!

We would like to thank every one of you who joined us at our Opening Night…that was huge! really thank you!!!

Unfortunately, due to the amount of people turning out, some left without seeing everything, therefore I’d like to remember that our pictures will be exposed for more 8 weeks and at the end we want to make a Closing Party for this event. The main idea of this party is to display your picture at this time

Do you take photos, or have you specially at that night, snapped some nice moments you would like to share with us? Than select 2 of your most favorite pictures and submit them back to us at

We’ll choose 3 best pictures to be displayed at the Closing Event…

we can make it bigger, just spread around to people you know that have been there and might be interested in having their frozen inspiring moments exposed with us 😉 and don’t be picky with technology, mobile pictures also carries a lot of emotions, it just depends on your way of seeing things…

Thanks again for all friendly support receive 🙂 stay tuned for upcoming events.

Spray and Markers

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