#TausendBar makingOff

Colors, lines, shapes, forms, expressions of things we have in our minds…for some, art has to be meaningful, has to be clear and profitable obviously…some others pretend to be more cool or open minded believing that art can be anything, until its price tag, than what is art starts to be questioned again…

If it’s cheap or for free, has not so many value and people think it’s not serious. If it’s expensive, some might think you are running nuts and for them what you are presenting isn’t really art (usually they take their thoughts from common media, therefore as you are not there yet your price is questionable), others maybe think you are such a great artist and they want to hear your stories, your experiences and all references you have (in most cases isn’t really honest, they react like this because you are exposing something expensive).

This is the point when art changes its essence in my opinion, leaving behind the beauty of human expression to become a speculative product for this wild market…this goes straight into the “artist” ego making them believe they are really able to produce more expensive stuff than others, triggering in their mind something really scary enough to change their personality…at this point they feel becoming the “artist” that every important gallery in this world would fight to have on board  Hopefully their next client could be some really famous actor/actress from Hollywood or any mafia chief that is willing to pay thousands of dirty money coming from years of dirty job, exploitation, crimes and so on…

Does this make any sense?

Now it doesn’t matter because this artist became powerful, has money, people want his stuff and he really believes he is different and more important than the rest of that miserable population…

Anyways, this is just some random thought that came into my mind…perhaps because I don’t believe in all this, on my daily routine, on people’s interest, on things happening around me, and most important, in those concepts one day I’ve been told that I must follow … I can’t understand how people live their lives happily, simply following ideas they’ve been told once are true without questioning it, going forward carrying this same shit inside as our old generation carried for years …

I believe I don’t share this thought, or feeling…for me art is much more than how expensive it can be, or how many money it can bring you. Art gets people together, opens up new dimensions in our minds, free us to question these useless concepts that people insist in supporting. As an essential expression of myself, of the way I see this world, my Art can’t have a specific price tag, or any suggested meaning, because what you see here, is the mirror of what is inside me… you are welcome to criticize or enjoy it, but please bear in mind that all were made from inside out, without any plan or target, therefore every little scribble I make is without any further meaning than just be another scribble. This makes absolute sense to me…and to me, this is the only important thing 🙂

(Daniel Vieira)


























































Photos taken by Mr. Hancock – All rights reserved

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